Multideck Cabinet

AY-Pas Refrigeration multideck cabinets are flexible and offer the best possible cooling for your meat products and cold cuts, dairy products as well as your fruit and vegetable assortment. For smaller stores, we offer space-saving multideck cabinets that perfectly present your goods in a customer-friendly way. 

Standard features

•Stainless steel bumper
•Bottom tub sheet  stainless  steel AISI 304
•Completely painted internal panels and fan panels in cabinet color
•Plates and fixtures mounted by stud welding unit
•Evaporator - and fan trays  separately removable
•Punch bowl on the bottompan
•Rear panels separately removable without furniture completely  eliminate
•Dimensions: 937mm, 1.250mm, 1.875mm, 2.500mm, 2.811mm, 3.750mm and Crown end