Semi-Multideck Cabinet

Low multideck cabinets with their typical height of 1.57 m to 1.81 m offer an appealing way to present goods both in the store entrance area as well as in the fresh produce section. At the same time with the model HUNSRÜCK, other store offers are not obscured. With its recessed top and stepped displays, the compact multideck cabinet encourages impulse buying and will be a boon to your sales. 

Standard features

•Ergonomic height
•Stainless steel bumper
•Bottom tub sheet  stainless  steel AISI 304
•Completely painted internal panels and fan panels in cabinet color
•Plates and fixtures mounted by stud welding unit
•Evaporator - and fan trays  separately removable
•Punch bowl on the bottompan
•Rear panels separately removable without furniture completely  eliminate
•Dimensions: 1.250mm, 1.875mm, 2.500mm, 2.811mm, 3.750mm and Crown end