Island cooler - Plug In

The plug-in chest for fresh produce is the perfect presentation area for meat and dairy products. The handy size of the unit and the integrated castors enable products in the M1 and M2 temperature ranges to be offered at strategic positions in the supermarket for impulse purchases. The Spessart island cooler features an elegant stainless steel handrail profile and surrounding glazing. Options for adjusting the height and angle enable the merchandise to be optimally presented.

Several modules can be connected. By dismantling the side panels, a continuous display surface is created.

Standard features

•Plug-in counter for open display of dairy products, delicatessen, processed meats as well as packed fresh meat or poultry
•Plinth of galvanized steel with powder-coated finish, cabinet body inside stainless steel, outside galvanized steel
•Digital thermometer
•Automatic defrosting with drip-water evaporation
•Electronic control system
•Natural refrigerant R290 (propane) to the dimensions 1000x1300mm
•Dimensions: 1000x1000mm, 1000x1300mm, 1000x1900mm