Ice-cool merchandising display island for greater sales


  • Timeless design
  • Large product-facing area
  • Superstructures for better footprint productivity
  • Various light colors available
  • Attractive product presentation over the entire length and width of the island
  • Two separate product compartments Variable
  • Self-regulating glass panel heating
  • Available with Eifel CE for displaying special product assortments

Low energy consumption

  • Time-proven design
  • Energy-efficient EC fans
  • Varying covers available
  • LED handrail lighting
  • Product Category
  • Operation Mode
  • Refrigant
    CO₂, HFCS
  • Category
  • Temperature
    0/2°C, -18/-20°C, -22/-24°C
  • When it comes to showcasing more product in less footprint, EIFEL is the coolest.
    The name says is all: The Eifel freezer island offers ample space for your frozen food products.

    Eifel was designed to utilize all available space optimally. Two separate product spaces, freezer and normal refrigeration unit, allow you to display all of your products.

    The cover, which comes in a number of varieties, permits a clear view of the products and helps save energy. Combined with the Eifel CE freezer cabinet (depicted on the right) Eifel forms the perfect team for presenting your frozen products. The cabinet can be used as a shop-around end unit for Eifel, giving you the opportunity to emphasize special product offers.


  • Standard Features

    • Ergonomic height
    • Extra-large glass panels for best visibility
    • A wide range of interior and exterior colors
    • Stainless steel bumper in three versions


    • Superstructures for better footprint productivity
    • Night blinds or covers for reduced energy consumption
    • Energy-efficient EC fans
    • LED handrail lighting
    • Variable internal fittings
    • CO2 evaporator
    • Electronic expansion valves
    • Height-adjustable wire shelves and dividers
  • Dimensions (mm)

    Height: 986
    Lenght: 2500, 3750
    Depth: 1.532, 2.022

  • Eifel Brochure