State of the art vertical refrigerated/ frozen food cabinet


Significant reduction of energy costs

  • Energy-efficient EC fans
  • Dew point-controlled frame heating
  • New High-Efficiency Frame
  • Reduced refrigeration load
  • Energy-efficient EC fans

Enhanced visibility of merchandise

  • Pure, unobtrusive design
  • Very large product volume
  • Largest possible display surface
  • Non-energy Anti Fog (AF) doors
  • Improved LED illumination
  • Product Category


  • Operation Mode


  • Refrigant

    CO₂, HFCS

  • Category

  • Temperature

    0/2°C, -18/-20°C, -22/-24°C

  • The leading edge of efficiency never looked so appealing.

    Small footprint, large capacity: The TAUNUS freezer is ideal for displaying your frozen products.

    The glass doors provide the best possible view of your products and the lighting concept is designed to light all products optimally. The TAUNUS freezer shows your frozen goods from their best side.

  • Standard Features

    • Very large product volume
    • Largest possible display surface
    • Ergonomic handles on glass doors
    • Ergonomic door handles
    • Stainless steel bumper in three versions
    • A wide range of interior and exterior colors
    • Optimal product illumination (LED)


    • Energy-efficient EC fans
    • Unheated anti-condensation panel
    • Dew point-controlled frame heating
    • Various accessories for greater flexibility
    • Electronic expansion valves
    • CO2 evaporator
    • Product partitions
    • Wire display shelves and product baskets
    • Panoramic glazing or closed side walls
  • Dimensions (mm)

    Height: 2.010mm, 2210mm
    Lenght: 1.562, 2.343, 3.124, 3.898
    Depth: 940

  • Taunus Brochure