Semi-vertical cabinet with enhanced, energy-saving design


Increased food protection with reduced energy costs

  • Ergonomic height
  • Insulated sliding or hinged glass doors
  • Energy-saving design (EC fans, LED)
  • Reduced refrigeration load
  • Fewer defrost cycles
  • Attractive gondola set-up
  • Product Category


  • Operation Mode


  • Refrigant

    CO₂, HFCS

  • Refrigant Plug In

    R404a, R452a, R290a

  • Category



  • Temperature
    Range (Remote)

    -2/0°C, -1/1°C, 0/2°C

  • Temperature
    Range (Plug in)

    -1/1°C, 0/2°C

  • Impressive and impulsive sale with the NEW ZITTAU.

    Choose the new solution centered on food preservation, enhancing merchandising and reducing energy costs.
    The unobtrusive transparent sliding or hinged doors of the new ZITTAU improve customer comfort, reduces operational costs and helps to increase sales.You will be astonished by the many customization possibilities of ZITTAU. You can choose between many lighting options, six different cabinet lengths, doors or night blinds, even wooden decors can be integrated seamlessly. For the installation of the plug-in version, only a conventional socket is needed.

  • Standard Features

    • Ergonomic height
    • Stainless steel bumber in three versions
    • Robust design
    • Bottom tub sheet  stainless  steel AISI 304
    • Wide-open merchandising display
    • A wide range of interior and exterior colors
    • Adjustable height and inclination of shelving (0°, 10°, 20°)


    • Isolated transparent sliding or hinged doors
    • Various LED light colors available
    • Energy-efficient EC fans
    • Multiple choice for crown ends
    • Energy-saver package with automated blind or manual night blind
    • Adjustable inclination of floor display grid shelves
    • Panoramic and internally mirrored side walls
    • Glazed and mirrored partition panels
    • Various accessories for greater flexibility
    • CO2 evaporator
    • Plug in version for small shop designs
  • Dimensions (mm)

    Height remote: 1.600
    Lenght remote: 937, 1.250, 1.875, 2.500, 2.811, 3.750
    Depth remote: 800, 900, 1000, 1100

    Height plug in: 1.600
    Lenght plug in: 937, 1.250, 1.875, 2.500,
    Depth plug in: 758

  • Zittau Brochure